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December 17, 2008


Gregg Kielma just doesn’t talk racing he knows racing .

Thanks to everyone for making the Race Report a huge success from Daytona!



St.  Augustine, FL.

Gregg Kielma and Derick Cope 2010 Daytona




 Race News and a WHOLE LOT MORE!!!

November 14, 2008



Arca’s big day

October 12, 2008


All year long I have watched the Arca put on a great show. A show that I feel has been better than NASCAR. Now, I finally got the chance to get out from behind the desk and go to Talladega. Pulling up to Talladega you see the lines of campers, RVs, and some crazy homemade things that people are going to be living in for the next few days here at Talladega. You realize that this is more than just a race this is part of the history called Talladega. 

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Hot Off The Press

September 16, 2008

Well you don’t see this from the NASCAR guys writing to many books let alone a children’s book. Listen Now

Early & Crazy Start To The Off Season

September 11, 2008

Not a week has passed since the end of the Indy car season and its getting crazy out there you have Vitor Meira, Marty Roth, and KV Racing All with news that mixes things up.

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